Huge 6-way Hydrant on display

6-way Improved Hydrant

We recently found what may be the largest fire hydrant we’ve ever made. This monster was manufactured in 1947 at our old Chattanooga facility when hydrants were still being made there – we’ve since moved iron valve manufacturing to an entirely new plant in Chattanooga, and opened the Albertville Alabama plant in 1976 to make all fire hydrants. This big beauty is a Mueller® Improved model, 6-way with a 6-1/4” main valve. That’s four hose and two pumper nozzles! Its statistics are (compared to a standard Mueller Super Centurion® hydrant in parentheses) -- rounded to the nearest inch:

Ground line flange to top of operating nut – 41” (31”)
Barrel circumference (at fluting) – 33” (26”)
Bonnet flange circumference – 44” (35”)
Flange bolts – 12 (8)
Upper section weight – approximate – 450 lbs (185 lbs)

Back then, Improved hydrants were only rated to about 150 psig. Today, our Centurion models range up to 350 psig. Who said “Bigger is better”?

We’d like to thank the city of Logan WV for the work involved for us to acquire it. If you find a Mueller hydrant that’s bigger, we want to hear from you.

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