Mueller® 2-1/8” Flush Type Fire Hydrant

Mueller® 2-1/8” Flush Type Fire Hydrant

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A-412 2-1/8" main valve opening one way (one 2-1/2" hose nozzle) non-locking lid


  • Meets all applicable parts of ANSI/AWWA C502 Standard
  • Flush type dry barrel design
  • Compression type main valve closes with pressure
  • Cast iron flush box with non-locking lid
  • Operating nut available in wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Field replaceable hose nozzles
  • Hose nozzles have large radius, full flow openings for low friction loss
  • Contoured shoe is designed for full flow
  • Dual bronze drain valves provide effective barrel drainage
  • 150 psig (1000 kPa/10 barg) maximum working pressure, 300 psig (2100 kPa/21 barg) test pressure



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