Self Adjusting Boring Bar Packing

High temperature chevron packing is spring-loaded to insure positive, leak proof sealing without packing adjustments. Line pressure does not enter case.

Rugged Construction

All working parts totally enclosed to permit complete lubrication and to prevent damage from dirt or other foreign material and from rough handling.

Handling Ease

Telescopic arrangement of working parts adds strength and rigidity and greatly reduces overall length and weight.  Conveniently placed handles, eyebolt and lifting yoke permits easy handling of the machine - manually or with hoisting equipment

Automatic Feed

Machines include a positive automatic feed during the cutting operation.

Feed Indicator

Easily set feed indicator shows amount remaining to be cut when in automatic feed.

Rapid Hand Travel

When not cutting, the boring bar may be quickly and easily advanced or retracted by hand.  Rapid advancement and retraction of the boring bar reduces time of operation.


Tools are available for making lateral connections using tapping sleeves and valves, gate valves or standard fittings in cast iron pipe, concrete pipe and steel pipe.

Capacity and Use:

The CC-25 Drilling Machine is hand operated for making cuts from 2" to 12" inclusive in any size of main.  this machine has automatic tool feed and is equipped with feed indicator.

Used with MUELLER Tapping Sleeves and Valves, Gate Valves or standard fittings, it will make cuts 2" to 12" inclusive under pressure for lateral connections.

Used with Proper MUELLER equipment, it will inset a 4", 6", or 8" special MUELLER Gate Valve into a main of equal size under pressure.

Working pressure and Temperature:

500 p.s.i. Maximum Working Pressure at 100℉, 500℉ Maximum Temperature Rating at 250 p.s.i.

The working pressure or temperature rating is reduced accordingly if any attachment, valve or fitting subjected to pressure or temperature during the drilling operation has a maximum working pressure or temperature rating less than that specified above.

Length of Travel:

25" - This is adequate for all sizes of MUELLER Tapping Sleeves and Valves, and MUELLER Inserting Valves within the capacity of the machine.

Equipment Furnished with Each Machine:

  • Ratchet Handle
  • Socket Wrench
    • 4 - Double Open end Wrenches
  • Allen wrench
    • 8 - 5/8" x 3" Bolts and Nuts - Machine to Adapter
    • 8 - 11/16" D-Type Washers - Machine to Adapter
    • 1 - Gasket - Machine to Adapter

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Select the following equipment for making lateral connections to cast iron, cement-lined cast iron, asbestos-cement, concrete and steel mains by drilling through  Tapping Sleeves and Valves:

  • SHELL CUTTER - According to size of tapping valve and type of main to be cut.
  • CUTTER HUB -  According to size of shell cutter.
  • PILOT DRILL -  According to size of shell cutter and type of pipe to be cut.
  • DRILL - Replaces shell cutter, cutter hub and pilot drill.
 Size of Tapping Valve
2"2 1/4"3"4"6"8"10"12"
For Cast iron Pipe
Shell Cutter  556935081655266527548054780549
Cutter Hub  881015452654501546535466154491
Pilot Drill  339765984459845642455448954489
For Cement-Lined Cast iron Pipe & Asbestos-Cement Pipe
Shell Cutter   8311480545805468054780549
Cutter Hub   5452654501546535466154491
Pilot Drill*   5215874869748707487174871
For Concrete Pipe & Asbestos-Cement Pipe:
Shell Cutter**   8320383134831358314083141
Cutter Hub   8320263740637396424033107
Pilot Drill**   8320183056830568313783139
For Steel Pipe
Shell Cutter  63730637906379564207 83118
Cutter Hub  88101545265450154653 54491
Pilot Drill  33976636863600564244 36338
* These tools, marketed CEM-RES, are for use with cement-lined cast iron pipe. They may also be used for asbestos-cement pipe.
** The Shell Cutters and Pilot Drills are tungsten Carbide Tipped to provide a strong sharp cutting edge which will resist abrasive action encountered when cutting concrete pipe.  When cutting concrete pipe these tools must be power operated.  We also recommend these tools for cutting asbestos-cement pipe, cement-lined cast iron pipe and cast iron pipe, because they will make a greater number of cuts before sharpening.  For asbestos-cement pipe, tools may be hand operated; however, they should be power operated when cutting cement-lined cast iron pipe. The outside diameter of the Shell Cutters is 1/2" less than the nomial size of the tapping valve.  This undersize design greatly reduces the wear on the outside edge of the shell cutters when making a lateral connection the same size as the main being cut and reduces travel required to complete cut.

Select the following tapping valve adapters for use with the drilling equipmebnt shown.

 Size of Tapping Valve
2"2 1/4"3"4"6"8"10"12"
For H-640, H642, H-643, H-660, H-622 & H-663
Ring-tite & Hub End Tapping Valve
Adapter Complete (includig gasket, bolts, nuts and washwers)83360 833618336283363833648336583366
Adapter Only54631 545605452754515545375465854548
Adapter Gasket Only59771 597725977259774597755467754686
Bolts & Nuts Only
Number Required
Washers Only
Number Required
For H-665, H-6767, & H-668
Mechanical Joint Tapping Valve
Adapter Complete (including gasket)8343283464833678336883369833708337183372
Adapter Only5216152494462694626846267452664526546264
"O" ring Adapter Gasket Only5216243922463874638879020463894639046391
Bolts, Nuts & Washers2 ea. 364452 ea. 36445Furnished with each Mechanical Joint Tapping Valve
2" and 2 1/4" Adapter includes 2 bolts and nuts, part number 36445

Select the following Equipment for makig lateral connections to steel mains by drilling through Gate Valves or Standard Fittings:

  • SHELL CUTTER - According to size of valve or fitting to be used.
  • CUTTER HUB - According to size of shell cutter.
  • PILOT DRILL - According to size of shell cutter.
  • DRILL - Replaces shell cutter, cutter hub, and pilot drill.
  • ADAPTER - According to size and type of valve or fitting to be used.
Size of Gate Valve or Fitting2"3"4"6"8"10"12"
Size of Shell cutter or Drill1 1/2"2 1/2"3 1/2"5 1/2"7 1/2"9 1/2"10 13/16"
Shell Cutter 335183351936004339993324433243
Cutter Hub 883388834063978339963325033107
Pilot Drill 339763397636005642443633836338


Type of Inlet FlangeMaximum working Pressure*Size of Gate Valve or Fitting
150 Pound230 p.s.i.78951789547895778962789678943778977
* This is the maximum working pressure of the adapter at 100℉. This is working pressure must be reduced accordingly if any attachment, valve, fitting or machine, subjected to pressure during the use of this adapter, has a maximum working pressure less than that specified above.
NOTE: When using these adapters with standard gate valves, check to be sure there is sufficient trave to complete the cut if special fittings are used to attach the gate valve to main being cut.