Capacity and User:

The "D-4" Drilling Machine drills holes from 5/8" to 2" inclusive in any size or kind of main.  This is done under pressure by using a stop or valve between the machine and the main.  The stop is not required when there is no pressure.

Machine adapter nipples are offered for dilling through Corporation Stops in sizes 3/4" to 2" inclusive: however, the "E-4" Machine is more convenient for the 3/4" size.

Working Pressure and Temerature:

  • 500 p.s.i. Maximum working Pressure at 100℉
  • 250℉ Maximum Temperature Rating at 375 p.s.i.

The working pressure or temperature rating is reduced accordingly if any attachment, valve or fitting subjected to pressure or temperature durning the drilling operation has a maxmum working pressure or temperature rating less than that specified above.

Length of Travel: 14"

Equipment Furnished with Each machine:

  • Ratchet handle
  • Body Gasket
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Double Open End Wrench
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Cutting Grease
  • Metal Case

Full Catalog

The maximum drill size is specified for each Corporation Stop.  Smaller size drills may be used if desired.  Drill and Drill holder are furnished as separate parts in all sizes listed.

SizeDrillDrill Holder
RegularCEM-RESTungsten Carbide Tipped
5/8"61982 8343636998
3/4"6179036038 36915
7/8"6199033253 37032
1 1/16"33530  33555
1 1/8"3353133254 33555
1 3/16"33532748788319233555
1 1/4"3353336041 33316
1 5/16"33534  33316
1 3/8"3353533274 33316
1 7/16"33536360568314433316
1 1/2"3353733904 33316
1 5/8"33538  33314
1 3/4"33539332758314533314
1 7/8"33540330698319333314
2"3354136407 33314
REGULAR Drills are for use with cast iron pipe and steel pipe.
CEM-RES Drills are for use eith asbestors-cement pipe and cement-lined pipe.
TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPPED Drills are for use with concrete pipe.  They may also be used for asbestos-cement pipe.

The Machine Adapter Nipples listed on this page are used between the lower end of the "D-4" Drilling Machine and the outlet end of the Corporation Stop.

Type of Machine Adapter NippleMaximum pressure & Temperature RatingSize of the Outlet Pipe Connection of the Corporation Stop to be Used
3/4"1"1 1/4"1 1/2"2"2 1/2"
With Inside Thead for Copper Coupling (MUELLER Copper Service Pipe Coupling)200 p.s.i. at 100℉3790237903379043790537906 
With Inside MUELLER Thread200 p.s.i. at 100℉6116577375    
With Inside Thread for Lead Flange coupling for Extra Strong lead Pipe200 p.s.i. at 100℉6366333895731067543175432 
With Inside Thread for lead Flange Coupling for Double Extra Strong Lead Pipe200 p.s.i. at 100℉ 74155741566366262174 
With Inside I.P. Thread1200 p.s.i. at 100℉, 500℉ at 1000 p.s.i.369103691136912369133652536526
With Outside I.P. Thread1200 p.s.i. at 100℉, 500℉ at 1000 p.s.i.335563632336195361963618836975
Inside Diameter of Nipple 23/32"1 1/64"1 9/32"1 15/32"1 15/16"2 1/4"
Maximum Drill Size* 11/16"1"1 1/4"1 7/16"1 7/8"2 1/8"
With Inside Thread for I.P. Threaded Copper Coupling1200 p.s.i. at 100℉, 500℉ at 1000 p.s.i.453805110446702   
*This is the maximum drill size which can be used with these machine adapter nipples having Outside I.P. Threads