Infinex Adapters

Infinex Adapters

COMING SOON! One line of adapters, no unique valve or fitting required, and infinite possibilities. — The versatile Infinex™ Line of Adapters allows you to extend the length or adapt any common service fitting or valve that has a CTS compression nut thread without the need for a special long valve on your shelf. Simply take the compression nut off and put the Infinex Adapter on.

With minimal connections, customizable adapters, and no unique valve required to fit the job being performed, the Infinex line of adapters helps decrease installation time as well as reduce overall operational spending.

Ease of Use

  • No torque wrench required to tighten
  • Captured EPDM gasket at joints to prevent leaks
  • 300 psi sealing working pressure


  • Able to work on any ¾” and 1” CTS compression threading
  • Extenders allow compression valves and fittings to become longer or taller for cut-in repairs
  • Increasers provide the ability to increase currently installed valve and fitting sizes to support water flow rate increases


  • Reduce use of secondary materials required by eliminating the need for pipe sealant or thread tape
  • Mitigate the risk of failure and reduce non-revenue water loss with the patent-pending sealing technology



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